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Recycling at work couldn’t get any easier with EcoDepo
Unique grab system to attach bags
Germ resistant bins
Clear signage & labels that can be altered to suit you
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  • Recycling bin opens with the push of a pedal, for offices and warehouses, capacity of the bag is 105 litres

    Pedal Bin - Deluxe

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  • Dampeners for EcoDepo lids

    Noise dampners

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  • Nexus compatible 100L bags

    Nexus 100 Compatible bags - 460 x 725 x 995mm

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  • Liquid Collector - EcoDepo

    Liquid Collector

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  • Lids for ecodepo bins


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  • EcoDepo grey base to attach a lid

    Lid Base

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  • Ink Cartridges Container - 5L

    Ink Printer Cartridge Recycling Container

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  • EcoDepo - PPE Bin with Hand Sanitiser

    Hand sanitiser Bracket

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  • Brown & black 5 litre Food waste caddy is ideal for a kitchen or canteen compost bin to collect any food waste. Handle to carry

    Food waste caddy

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  • 5L Food Caddy bracket

    Food Caddy holder/bracket

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  • Compostable dog poop bag pouch - pack of 50

    Dog poop bags

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  • 10, 25 and 30 litre compostable bags for lining a compost caddy or bin, fully compliant with European standards EN13433

    Compostable bags 10/25/30/90 Litre

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Made entirely in N. Ireland Made from up to 80% recycled material
Only Recycling bin that is Germ resistant to MRSA & Ecoli by up to 99% and as standard across the range.
Greatly reduces collections 
Pictorial signage educating & identifying clear separation
Reduces health & safety – less bins to bend, stoop, lift or fall over!
Centralises waste disposal and recovery
Feedback has shown that more recycled material is collected
Optional add on’s – Food caddy & Liquid collector attachments for future development initiatives
Leads to reduced times or better allocation of workload – cleaning toilets or windows more often
Reduces risk assessment in that there are no contaminated bins located at desks
Greater awareness in prioritising “in-house” recycling and waste management
Will ease collections and will generate an income source back from waste collector / agent
In the long term reduces the number of plastic bags used in buildings / workplaces
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