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Dog poop bags


(VAT included)

  • 100 bags
  • Each pouch = 50 bags
  • Bag size = 290x320 mm
  • Black
  • The DogsDoo bags are certified fully compostable

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2 pouches = 100 bags
1 pouch = 50 bags
Size of pouch = 200x320 mm
Bag size = 290x320 mm
  • Small size, handy to carry along
  • 100% compostable and renewable
  • Made from starch
  • Black
  • EN 13432 so won't harm the environment
  • Pouch is also compostable
The DogsDoo bags are certified fully compostable unlike many others that claim “biodegradable”. Those are “oxo-biodegradable”, where heavy metals are mixed into ordinary plastic to make it disintegrate into powder. But that is not biodegradation! The powder remains plain plastic & means they pollutes our soil. Not to mention the heavy metals.
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