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Compostable bags 10/25/30/90 Litre


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Compostable liners for food waste

  • 10/25/30/90  litre capacity
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Easy to use and great for the environment
  • 25 in each roll
  • Degrade in 3-4 weeks

Compostable liners & food waste bags

These are 100% biodegradable and compostable and made with plant extracts. Using these compostable liners will provide better hygiene and cutting down the time cleaning your bin. Degrades in 3-4 weeks.

High quality biodegradable bags & compostable food waste bags with 25 in each roll, acting as a liner they keep your  food caddy or bin clean. Fully compostable and fully compliant with European Standards EN13432 

We stock:

  • 10L food waste bags - W400 x 470 mm (25 bags per roll)
  • 205L food waste bags - W600 x 580 mm (25 bags per roll)
  • 30L food waste bags - W560 x 700 mm (25 bags per roll)
  • 90L food waste bags - W720 x 930 mm (20 bags per roll)

The 30L compostable liners are ideal for the Nexus 30 bins

Need any other size contact us

Food waste sent to landfill doesn’t breakdown harmlessly. It has a big impact on our environment as it decays;  methane (a toxic greenhouse gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide) is released into the air. All the same, it’s not all bad news as many of us are able to recycle our food waste now. Food waste can now create electricity to power our homes and no amount of food is too small to recycle.

30 litre bags are perfect for fitting our recycling bins, or the 10 litre is ideal for the food caddy

Compliant with the European Standard EN13432


  • keep your compostable bags in their packaging until needed
  • store them indoors
  • store them in a cool dry place
  • keep out of direct sunlight

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