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Our Story

EcoDepo, originally called the ‘Waste Recycle Company’, was launched on the 1st April 2006. It was born out of an idea the owner Tom Fairbairn had while he had a short stay in hospital. The business has now grown to provide recycling solutions to many of the blue chip companies, universities, colleges and public and private sector businesses in the UK. It has also expanded globally to service countries such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, Norway, Spain & USA.
EcoDepo is a light and durable waste organiser. It is versatile and adaptable and can be placed in station like positions in any workplace. It uses colour coded 100% fully recyclable bags, made mostly from recycled plastic. It provides the means to manage, measure, control and at the same time tidy different waste streams.
Continual research is being carried out to increase the use of different recycled materials. What is someone else’s waste becomes our raw material! EcoDepo will reduce the overall number of small bins, reduce collections and minimise the spread of MRSA. Act Now and Reduce your Waste Costs!
The Trademark ‘EcoDepo’ was created in 2007 and has been promoted as the main brand name for the business. A patent protection exists and indicates the innovative nature of the product. The business continually strives to innovate and improve its products.
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