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Liquid Collector


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Our Drink Sink is a simple liquid collector and easy way of collecting different waste liquids – Tea, Coffee, Cola etc etc. It has a capacity to collect 15-20L

Starter pack comes with:

  • Cleaning tablets
  • Arrow direction label
  • Instructions

Liquid collector - A portable sink, where there is no sink in your office. The 20L Drink Sink will reduce contamination within waste bags and bins, improving health and safety standards.


Our liquid collector bin The Drink Sink will:

  • reduce contamination within waste bags and bins thus improving health and safety standards
  • increase the quality and quantity of recyclables collected, diverting ever more waste away from landfill and reducing waste costs overall
  • incorporate a simple and unique energy free level indicator helping to avoid those spillages and overfills
  • have a filter to collect those unwanted teabags, cigarette butts, chewing gum and other throw away related items
  • be tough and durable and will hold up to 20 litres of waste liquid
  • be fitted with a breather valve to ease pouring and allow inner access cleaning
  • come with cleaning tablets, killing bacteria and sanitizing the inner walls

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