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Made from Recycled plastic
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Recycling & waste self adhesive labels


(VAT included)

  • W 185 x H 195 mm
  • Vinyl
  • Multiple waste streams
  • Adhesive backing allows to be easily put on & wipe clean
  • Encourages better recycling
  • Encourage better recycling with these self-adhesive bin labels from EcoDepo.
  • These multicoloured vinyl stickers are wipeable and high gloss, making them suitable for use on walls, bins, doors, and more.
  • The recycling-themed design is ideal for those who want to organise their bins
  • Make it clear what waste stream preventing contamination within your bin
  • These labels (W 185 x H 195 mm) are easy to apply and will instantly add a pop of colour to any space.
  • The stickers are made in the United Kingdom and a great price without breaking the bank.
  • Ideal for use in the office, school, garage, kitchen, basement, or caravan, these self-adhesive bin labels are a must-have
  • Better price for bulk orders contact us on

We stock the following:

  • General waste label with black text
  • Mixed Recycling label with green text
  • Mixed Recycling label with blue text
  • Plastic label with red text
  • Plastic & Cans label with red text
  • Paper label with blue text
  • Food Waste label with green text
  • Food Waste label with brown text
  • Textiles label with yellow text
  • Coffee Cups label with brown text

We can edit labels to suit your needs changing colours and text

Check out our range of recycling bins and stations ideal for your business

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