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Battery Caddy


(VAT included)

  • Material: plastic
  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • With Handle
  • Weight: 300g
  • Colour: black
  • Option with or without lid

Dimensions:  (Excluding handle)

H 20.5cm x W 25cm x D 20.5cm


Battery caddy are ideal for safely storing your used batteries until disposal. With a robust handle, this caddy has a smooth, wipe-clean interior which is easy to keep clean. The 5l caddy is small and compact that it can sit on a work desk or countertop. Ideal to have in your office area for your staff to dispose.

Please note: a bracket holder is required to attach the battery caddy to our recycling bins or a door (order via accessories)

* "Three and half times more fires caused by batteries in the waste stream than previously reported, highlighting the significance of the issue. 90% of local authorities say that fires caused by batteries are an increasing problem" *

What type of batteries can be recycled?

  • All household batteries including ‘button’ batteries from watches
  • Battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and remote control units (put electrical tape over the terminals)
  • Car batteries should be recycled at designated collection points.

You can attach it to our recycling bins with the use of our caddy bracket.

*Material Focus article 

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