Germ Resistant Bins
Made from Recycled plastic
48hr delivery
Bulk discount available

Recycling Bin Station - budget


(VAT included)
- High quality product
Title Range Discount
Recycling Station - budget Bulk Order 21 - 40 5%
Recycling Station - budget Bulk Order 41 - 60 10%
Recycling Station - budget Bulk Order 61 - 80 15%
Recycling Station - budget Bulk Order 81 + 20%
If you need a custom order email us at -


Includes 25 x high quality fully recyclable/reusable bags for each bin in the station 

Need to order 20+ bins, contact us for a better delivery rate

Email us if you would like to change the waste stream or colour option.

These bundles comes with:

  • Black lid
  • Black lid base
  • Coloured text label
  • Black Stand
  • Waste board according to waste stream

Special delivery rate for kits & free pack of 25 bags per bin

Additional information

Station size

Kit for 2, Kit for 3

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