Need some liners for your bin?

Need recycling bags for home, kitchen, garden, office or food waste?

Our 105ltr bags are 100% fully recyclable, boxed in 200’s and come in nine different colours (black, blue, white, clear, green, red, grey, yellow & brown). Colour coded waste bags increase recycling rates and encourage a greater collection of various waste streams.

Our compostable bags are 100% compostable and are used for food waste. They are made with plant extracts and degrade in 3-4 weeks. Using these 10ltr and 30ltr liners will provide better hygiene.

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Product Description

EcoDepo’s 100% Fully Recyclable Waste Bags  boxed in 200’s

Raw material used: LDPE + MDPE

EcoDepo’s fully recyclable waste bags come in nine(9) different colours – Black,Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow & White. Customers can request other colour choices with a minimum production run of 10,000 waste bags. A quotation and lead time will be provided.

EcoDepo’s fully recyclable waste bags are made from good quality recyclate, some virgin material and colour batch.

Colour coding increases recycling rates and encourages greater collection of various waste streams. However, the clear bag can be used with the system reducing storage and more in line with waste collector’s requirements.