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Need some liners for your bin?


Recycling bags are ideal for home, kitchen, garden, office or food waste.

Boxed in 200’s

105 litre capacity

100% fully recyclable/reusable

9 different colours (black, blue, white, clear, green, red, grey, yellow & brown).

Colour coded waste bags increase recycling rates and encourage a greater collection of various waste streams.

Our compostable bags come in 10 ltr and 30 ltr sizes, are 100% compostable and degrade in 3-4 weeks due to added plant extracts. 

Watch how our bags are made

These bags are made of heavy duty plastic and are ideal to help separate your waste/recyclables by colour: eg


Plastic – red

Cans – grey/white

Mixed Recycling – green

Paper/cardboard – blue

General waste – black/clear

Food waste – brown/yellow/green



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