Award Winning Recycling System

  • Simple and Easy
  • Unique Bag & Signage System
  • Antibacterial & Germ Resistant
  • Controls & Measures Waste

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 EcoDepo is a light and durable waste organiser. It is versatile and adaptable and can be placed in station like positions  in any workplace. With the use of colour coded lids, various waste streams can be simply and easily managed.

Legislation is on its way which will dictate that all office bins must be certified and sanitised. This will greatly increase overheads as the water used for cleaning cannot be allowed to access normal drainage channels.



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New distributor

We have sent out a big order to our NEW distributors in Greece 🇬🇷♻, how exciting. #EcoDepo are helping another country #recycleright with our #recycling bins. Do you want to be an #ecowarrior too?

“According the European environment agency, only 16% of household waste is recycled across Greece, compared to a 50% target by 2020 under EU directives. In Athens, with nearly four million inhabitants out of the country’s 11 million, only 13% of eligible waste is recycled, town hall figures show” read more at: phys.org

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