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Need Home Recycling Solutions?

EcoDepo can help you with home recycling bins.

We have a number of products to suit every budget, from wall mounted or free-standing recycling bins to food caddy kitchen binsThe bins come in seven different colours (black, blue, green, red, grey, yellow & brown) allowing clear identification of the different waste streams.  

It makes recycling at home fun and easy!


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The following symbols can be found on a variety of packaging and explain a range of information: whether or not an item can be recycled, how to dispose of the item, or if it’s made of recycled material.

Widely Recycled - Rinse  Widely Recycled - Rinse, Lid On  Widely Recycled - Flatten Caps On  Bottle Widely Recycled - Sleeve Not Yet Recycled Widely Recycled at Recycling Points - Check Locally Kerbside Recycle With Bags at Larger Stores - Check Locally Kerbside

Widely Recycled   Check locally  Not Yet Recycled  Widely Recycled at Recycling Centres

Other symbols

The Green Dot

The Green Dot is a symbol used on packaging in some European countries.  It means that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe. However, it does not necessarily mean that the packaging is recyclable, will be recycled or has been recycled.

Green dot

Mobius Loop

This means that an item has the capability of being recycled.  It doesn’t mean that the item has been recycled or can be accepted by all Recycling companies. Sometimes the Mobius Loop symbol is used with a percentage figure in the middle.  This explains that the packaging contains x% of recycled material.

Mobius Loop label

Plastic resin codes

This code signifies what type of plastic resin is used to make a particular item. The Resin Identification Code shows a ‘chasing arrows’ symbol surrounding a number between 1 and 7. The type of resin used is defined as being from numbers 1 to 7.



The glass symbol is asking you to recycle your glass bottles or jars. Use your glass household recycling collection, or if this is not possible, then take your glass containers to your nearest bottle bank remembering first to separate the different colours.

Glass label

Recyclable aluminium

The recyclable aluminium symbol means that the item is made from recyclable aluminium.

Aluminium label

Recyclable steel

This symbol shows that the product is made of steel.

Steel or metal items can be taken to your household recycling centre and all local authorities collect steel cans for recycling.

Steel label


This symbol from Keep Britain Tidy reminds you to be a good citizen and doesn’t relate to recycling.  It asks you not to litter and to dispose of an item in the most appropriate manner.

Tidyman label

Waste electricals

This symbol explains that you should not place the electrical item in the general waste. Electrical items can be recycled through a number of channels e.g. at local authority recycling centres.  This symbol explains that you should not place it in the general waste.

Waste electricals symbol - crossed out wheelie bin


According to the European standard EN 13432/14955, products certified to be industrially compostable may bear the ‘seedling’ logo.

Your local authority can recycle garden waste with plastics that carry the seedling symbol.  Remember, compostable plastic should never be put into the recycling with other plastics as it is designed to break down and therefore cannot be recycled.  It will contaminate recyclable plastics.

Seedling symbol - found on items that are compostable

Home composting

You may see this symbol in addition to the seeding symbol.  It means that it is suitable to be home composted.

Vinçotte OK Compost HOME logo

What to put into your Food Caddy:

  • Meat & bones
  • Dairy (cheese,
  • Tea bags & coffee grounds
  • fruit & vegetables
  • Plate scrapings
  • Food contaminated paper (torn up)
  • Bread & pastries
  • Fish

No Thanks

  • Liquids, oil or liquid fats
  • Packaging
  • Pet waste
  • Plastic bags

Great to use outdoors



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