Germ Resistant Bins
Made from Recycled plastic
48hr delivery
Bulk discount available

Our full range

- Recycling at work couldn’t get any easier with EcoDepo
- Unique grab system to attach bags
- Germ resistant bins
- Clear signage & labels that can be altered to suit you 
- We have many products that will suit every budget
Recycling at work, school or any environment couldn’t get any easier with EcoDepo. We have many products that will suit every budget. We can help you set up recycling stations with waste sorting stations which include cans, paper and plastic, plus many more, to comply with your office recycling guidelines. The bins come in seven different colours (black, blue, green, red, grey, yellow & brown) and this allows clear identification of the different waste streams. Adding office recycling posters to our recycling bins makes recycling at work fun & easy.
Our recycling bins work well in any office environment and can be used on open floor, canteens and kitchens. It’s a great way to show staff that you’re serious when it comes to recycling and looking after our planet.

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